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What we do.

"We are a DNA repair lab that doesn't study DNA repair. We may be right, we may be wrong, but we're definitely having fun finding out."

                                                                - Svasti Haricharan

DNA damage repair and the receptor landscape of the cell membrane

We are currently identifying how growth factor receptors in breast cancer cells are displayed, regulated, and activated in DNA damage repair deficient cells. 



DNA repair proteins liaise between the cellular environment and the cell cycle. We are currently studying the molecular pathways underlying this messenger system.


DNA damage repair and the cell cycle
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DNA damage repair and cell motility

DNA damage repair proteins are amongst the most ancient and foundational cellular pathways. We study the role of these proteins in regulating essential cellular phenotypes of motility and lineage determination.

DNA damage repair defects cause a plethora of human disease, including cancer. We study race/ethnicity-based differences, organ specificity, timeline dependence, and cellular localization of DNA repair proteins and their effects on the development and progression of cancer.


Spatial, temporal and locoregional regulation of DNA damage repair
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